Mathjax test

Sometimes, my blog posts my contain formulas. This could be simple inline formulas like $e^{j \pi} + 1 = 0$ or longer ones line $\int_{-\infty}^\infty e^{-x^2} {\rm d}x = \sqrt{\pi}$. It could also be displayed equations like

$$\sum_{n=0}^\infty q^n = \frac{1}{1-q}, \quad q \in \real, |q| < 1.$$

And, in particular they might involve vectors ($\ma{a}, \ma{b}$), matrices ($\ma{A}, \ma{B}$), and tensors ($\ten{A}, \ten{B}$), which may appear in longer equations too

$$ \ten{I}_{R,d} \times_1 \ma{F}_1 \times_2 \ma{F}_2 \ldots \times_R \ma{F}_R = \ten{S}^{\rm[s]} \times_1 \ma{U}_1^{\rm[s]} \times_2 \ma{U}_2^{\rm[s]} \ldots \times_R \ma{U}_R^{\rm[s]}.$$

All these should render on any browser without much hassle. It seems I have found the perfect solution for this and it is called MathJax. I have no idea how these guys do it, but I am convinced there is a lot of magic involved. It is basically incredible. You add one line to the header of your HTML file, eh voilá, you’re free to use LaTeX commands right away. It needs no Java no Flash, not even graphics. Only JavaScript. And magic. Gotta be.

Anyways, here is my honest appreciation to the guys from MathJax for creating something which behaves like it should: It just works.

Should the impossible situation occur that you are having trouble to see the rendered equations, please tell me so instantly, e.g., by leaving a comment. Don’t forget to mention your browser.

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