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Hello there, stranger.

Welcome to my blog.

I’m delighted that you found me and I hope you find the content useful. Maybe you have read a bit already and wonder who the heck wrote all that. So, as is right and proper, let my introduce myself.

My name is Florian Roemer, I was born in 1981 somewhere in the middle of Germany. Since a kid I had a special love for numbers and for computers whiche eventually led me to study computer engineering at Ilmenau University of Technology, followed by pursuing a PhD in electrical engineering, more specifically, at the Communications Research Laboraroty at ITU. I completed it in October 2012 (check my dissertation if you like). Since then I’ve been a postdoctoral research fellow at the Digital Broadcasting Research Laboratory at ITU.

Much of the work of communications engineers nowadays is related to digital signal processing in one or another way. I personally have a special devotion for the mathematical concepts behind the algorithms and another special devotion for explaining things. My position at ITU comes with a lot of teaching, which I enjoy very much (check out my old teaching website with a couple of slides and MATLAB programs if you like). It was the combination of these two that has motivated to start this little blog here. There are quite a number of rather simple mathematical concepts that are of enormeously great use to an engineer and I found that they are often not known among students. So I decided to write them down in form of a blog, to make them publicly accessible.

Despite all due diligence I put into writing the postings I cannot guarantee they are error-free, so take what you read with caution. If you find errors, let me know by commenting or dropping me an email, I’d really appreciate it. I’ll mention your name in the credits if you like.

Another word of warning here: Although I love the simplicity of the algebraic concepts and the sheer unlimited power of MATLAB – I will not do your homework. E-Mailing me assignments with text ├ála “Please help” will trigger not much more thant he delete button. The same goes for leaving such comments on the blog. I’m sure you can find more appropriate places on the web for such inquiries and on top, I’m sure you can improve your skills in asking specific questions.

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