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Things I need almost daily:

google, wikipedia, LEO, google maps

Webcomics I enjoy:

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, The Oatmeal, Abstruse Goose, Spiked Math, Poorly Drawn Lines, Flase Positive, xkcd, Bug, Buni, Ctrl+Alt+Del, PhD Comics, Dilbert, Not Funny Cartoons,

Crucial tools for developers:

MySQL-Manual, PHP-Reference, SelfHTML (German), Firefox using Firebug, w3c validator

Applications I use:

Typesetting: MikTeX + TeXnicCenter, Computations, simulations, plotting: Matlab, Communication: Miranda: multi-messenger, Thunderbird: email- and newsclient, mIRC - IRC-Client, Teamspeak


My flight statistics

636938 PI